About Me

I work for American Cruise Lines as a Cruise Director. I entertain guest, provide ample service in all areas and in my free time I write!

A little about my past, I graduated from The University of South Florida. I am Sigma Delta Tau sister (held many positions) and held an Executive Board position for National Student Leadership Society. I have loved sports my whole life, participating in cheer, track, volleyball and softball!

If you were to ask anyone about who I am they would use some of the following descriptive words, enthusiastic, cheerful, hard-working, encouraging, ambitious and contagiously humorous.

I have always been told to aim high for my dreams, so I did and I still am. I want to make a positive impact on social media. The news needs to have more of what great is happening in the world instead of the constant tragedy they make it seem like we can’t escape from. We can escape it and we will.  When something tragic happens I want the people to know something good came out of it. If we spread positive news to the world more frequently, I believe society will change for the better. I want to help make that change.

Here is a little more about me!

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2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Congrats on reaching a new level in your career!

    Let’s meet for coffee and talk more about your journey, because I want to find out what made you choose this path.

    Please notify me whenever possible. The sooner, the better.

    (Danny Ortiz)

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