About Me

I am a Mass Communications Graduate of The University of South Florida. If you were to ask anyone about who I am they would use some of the following descriptive words, enthusiastic, cheerful, hard-working, encouraging, ambitious and contagiously humorous.

I am an Alumnae of both the National Student Leadership Society (NSLS) and Sigma Delta Tau (SDT). I held executive and committee positions in both organizations. In NSLS I held the Executive Board position of Publicity Chair. I would keep members and non-members informed of upcoming events and positions available through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In SDT, I held two positions; ritualist (event organizer for rituals like, initiation and recruitment) and Fundraising Chair (event coordinator that raised a total of $53,000 for Preventing Child Abuse in America).

I have always been told to aim high for my dreams, so I did and I still am. I will be a Television Personality for Entertainment News. Why you ask? Well, for the simple fact that there needs to be more positivity in the society we live in. The news needs to have more of what great is happening in the world instead of the constant tragedy the news makes it seem like we can’t escape. We can escape it and we will, by seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. When something tragic happens I want them to know something good came out of it. If we spread more of the positive news in the world I believe society will change for the better and I want to make that change happen.

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