So we have reached a new decade. This is a perfect time to see what I accomplished in the last decade. Everyone is doing this, so I thought I would join the party. DECADE CHALLENGE. 10 years ago! Back to the day of January 1st 2010. “How old?”, you ask. I was 11 years, 5 month and 29 days old… I was 4200 days old… I was 100800 hours old… I WAS 6048000 minutes old.

Always have to be dramatic. You know me! Here we go:


  • 1st place in The American National Championship in the category of stunts (I was a flyer)
  • I shot a pistol with my dad for the first time
  • I won Homecoming Queen for Little League football and cheerleading
  • I graduated from elementary school
  • Dressed as Jasmine, my favorite Disney Princess, for Halloween
  • Cut my hair to look like Selena Gomez
  • All I can think of at the moment…

Nor sure what happened in 2011


  • Went to Key West for the first time
  • I sang in a talent show and then 🤮
  • On January 12th, we lost my very first pet, Rocky Balboa O’Brien.
  • We got our first dog, Mocha Cappuccino O’Brien
  • My little cousin Brody was born


  • My Nana passed away
  • The only sophomore to make it on the High School Varsity cheer team
  • Became besties with my bestie hanner
  • Bayside won all but one game the whole season! (Never happened again)
  • Went to my very first concert! Cody Simpson
  • Then my second concert, Taylor Swift!


  • Came up with the greatest hand shake of all time with my best friend❤️
  • Won something at the Titusville Film Festival


  • Became Cheer Captains with my Bestie
  • Won some stuff at the Titusville Film Festival


  • I graduated from Bayside High School
  • Started College at Eastern Florida State College
  • Saw Shawn Mendes for the first time, front row!
  • Saw Meghan Trainer in concert
  • Made my first and last Triller… y’all probably have no idea what that is at this point. It’s TikTok but older.
  • Started to become close with my bestie Max


  • Saw Wicked The Musical for the first time!
  • Did my first sunrise bible study
  • Saw a Dalmatian for the first time!!!
  • Realized my little cousin Tristan was taller than me😭
  • Had my grandparents surprise 50th Anniversary party
  • Watched my childhood BestFriend graduate from high school
  • Went to Key West with the family
  • Saw my ultimate favorite band for the 1st time! Twenty One Pilots!
  • Saw Shawn Mendes for the second time
  • Went to Halloween Horror Nights for the first time
  • Went to my first Comic-Con
  • Graduated with my Associates Degree.
  • Got accepted to University of South Florida


  • Started my Bachelors at USF
  • Moved into my first apartment with my BestFriend
  • Made my first home cooked meal by myself
  • Went to my first college party (a Pike party… very scary lol)
  • Wrote one story for the USF Newspaper, “The Oracle”. Didn’t really like that job.
  • Became a waitress
  • Joined a sorority!
  • Got my amazing Big, Miranda and Twin, Chloe.
  • Got the position as Ritualist (sub-committee)
  • Jumped into the ocean off a boat, miles and miles and miles out! Like where shark are!
  • Went to a club for the first time! Successfully did not get roofied
  • Did my first backflip on a trampoline
  • Died my hair blonde
  • Got an internship with Focus Magazine
  • Tried escargot for the first time.. GROSS
  • Went to Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween for the first time
  • Won our flag football season!
  • Saw Twenty One Pilots for the third time!
  • My Poppy passed away



  • Got an internship with WFLA Daytime
  • Got my three beautiful Littles! Sierra, Jordan and Allyson!
  • I also got a G-Little, Devin!
  • I got my Boy Big, Alec as well!!
  • Received a committee position as Fundraising chair in my sorority. Raised over $50,000 for Preventing Child Abuse in America
  • Coached a fraternity for Putting On The Hits with my little Allyson (Choreographed MOST of it by myself-I am not a dancer… so that’s GOOD for me. We also got 1st!)
  • I rode a mechanical bull for the first time (20 seconds, I think)
  • Went to Gasparilla. A pirate parade in Tampa
  • Went to the hospital for the first and second time ever… kidney stones and broken toe…
  • Volunteered at Feeding Tampa Bay for the first time
  • Was in a wing eating contest. Found out my gag reflexes suck worst than I thought…
  • Met Time-flies on accident
  • Saw 3OH!3
  • Went on my first cruise and second cruise!
  • Went out of the country for the first time to Bahamas, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman
  • Met Stephen Amell (The Arrow)
  • Met Lana Parilla ( The Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time)
  • Turned 21!!!
  • Did Goat Yoga for the first time
  • Rode electric scooters for the first time since I was 6
  • Became a part of the Executive Board for National Student Leadership Society
  • Became an Alum for NSLS
  • Became a Sigma Delta Tau Alum
  • Graduated from USF with Mass Communication Bachelors Degree
  • Moved out of my apartment back home to Palm Bay to figure out my life


  • wrote my first blog post
  • Applied as a Flight Attendant for Delta and….. 50 other jobs hahaha!

I feel like even while starting the decade at a young age, I did pretty darn good! I participated in so many philanthropic events that I didn’t include because there was way too many. I also probably left out a bunch of things that I am sure my mom will point out in the comments! Share your most memorable moment from the last decade in the comments!