WOW! The day is not even over yet …

I am at the pharmacy picking up my mom’s prescriptions. The lady ask, “Aren’t you Mary’s grandkid?”. I replied, “Mary Kesin, Yeah!”. She was actually friends with my grandma. She mentions how she reads my blog occasionally, which by the way, thank you so much for reading! I told her that I haven’t been writing a ton lately because I am running out of things to talk about. WELL… let me tell you! I got something to write about today.

I had to drop off a few things from my apartment at the storage unit today. I get into the unit and I put the mop, vacuum and duffle bag in. I go back to my car to get my Keurig and a few extra mop materials. I am in the unit attempting to put everything away neatly. As I put the mop material down the Keurig is still in my hand.


Let me just point out that I did not separate the Keurig from the drawer that holds extra K-Cups. They are not attached to one another. They are just relying on me to keep them together.

Back to the story.

I get ready to put the Keurig down and it begins to slip. The drawer lands diagonally on my pinky toe… THE CORNER YA’LL. The corner hits my poor pinky toe. The Keurig itself hits the top of my foot but I luckily put my hand down to catch as much as a I could. That luckily saved the top of my foot from getting hit too hard. BUT my pinky toe… is hurting pretty bad! As I try to not scream my head off, I look down and now I am bleeding!! Why me I think to myself…. Why!

I take my one shoe off because the strap goes right over where I am bleeding. At this point I am more worried my brand new shoe not getting blood on it. I hobble to my car and hope nobody sees me. I get home and hobble a little more inside. My mom and dad are both just looking at me as I walk slowly in with a shoe in one hand and the storage key in the other. “Did you loose a shoe?” my mom says. “How was the trip to storage?” my dad says.

It was just FANTASTIC! (throws keys on counter) I explain what happened and of course my dad laughs and my mom goes and grabs the peroxide.

Then it all comes together! I complained about not having anything to write about and what does life do for me? Well, it gives me something to write about. Thank you, but next time could you make it a little less painful? I’d appreciate it!