Welcome. I’m Cyrena!

I am a Kindergarten Teacher at Odyssey Prepatory Academy. I graduated from The University of South Florida with a Mass Communications Degree. My studies were focused in Broadcast News. If you were to ask anyone about who I am they would use some of the following descriptive words, enthusiastic, cheerful, hard-working, encouraging, ambitious and contagiously humorous.

I am an Alumnae of both the National Student Leadership Society (NSLS) and Sigma Delta Tau (SDT). I held executive and committee positions in both organizations. In NSLS I held the Executive Board position of Publicity Chair, otherwise known as social media chair. In SDT, I held two positions; ritualist (event organizer for rituals like, initiation and recruitment) and Fundraising Chair (event coordinator that raised a total of $53,000 for Preventing Child Abuse in America).

I have always been told to aim high for my dreams, so that is exactly what I am doing. What are my dreams? Great question. I am still working on it. I know I want to do something that I love and I love to entertain, help those in need and enjoy life to the fullest. I truly believe that there is a need for more positivity in society. So whatever my dream job is (hopefully, it reveals itself to me soon) I know it needs to make a positive impact on society.

Here is a little more about me! This needs to be a little updated, so I will get right on that! It does give you a GREAT idea of who I am though.

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