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You Can Be Happy

We live in a society where judgment and negativity has taken over our emotions. Happiness and love are goals we look at from a far, in hopes of achieving it one day. What if you could achieve it right now? What if you didn’t put your judgement of others before your own happiness. What if you thought about yourself in a positive way instead of criticizing each and every curve on your body?

Every one of these thoughts are connected. Just like the circle of life but the prey is happiness, and the predator is you.

I took every emotion I have ever had and thought of a way to turn it around. At first, writing this all down was to get it out of my head. It slowly became a way to help others or let people feel more normal for having similar emotions. After writing everything, I realized, I should take my own advice. I started making video entries based on my writings. It helped me come to peace with the fact that happiness is achievable for myself too.

Now, just because I wrote this, does not make me a perfect person. This just shows that people who give advice are working on themselves too. Nobody in this world is perfect but we can work every day towards a goal of happiness. Realistic goals are a part of your path of happiness. I am going to do everything in my power to offer you advice to help you achieve self-love, true happiness, and healthy habits.

Okay, Let’s begin our journey because, you can be happy.

Positivity is Key

A quote that I may have read, may have been told or even just thought of on my own, stuck with me since I was a kid, “Positivity is Key”. The meaning is fairly simple but can become quite complex. It can be daunting but also inspiring. Exactly like every other moment in life, it depends on how you process and act upon it.

People are constantly telling me, “You are always so happy” or “Do you ever stop smiling”. At first it was so easy to just reply, “Positivity is key, yanno”. They would laugh and walk away or change the topic. Never really questioned it. Not one person asked, “what does that mean?”. Honestly if they would have asked, I am not sure I’d have a response. I was always super great at coming up with something clever and motivational, so I am sure I’d come up with something. Truly I did not know what I was saying until my first year of college.

After a few years of repeating the same thing, I was exhausted. It was annoying for me to hear the same comments repeatedly and to know that nobody cared about why I was smiling. With time I started to question myself. Why was I happy all the time when nothing good was happening? How did I sit there and smile at school, crack jokes and create friendships then go home, check social media, and cry myself to sleep? How is that even possible? Well I can tell you one thing. It is possible because I did it… for 8 years.

I started to ask myself these questions when I first moved out to go to college. I was alone frequently, and we all know exactly what happens when you are alone too much. The brain starts to move at a million miles a minute, you can’t stop it and if you are like me, your heart starts to race, and you begin thinking about everything you’ve done wrong in life. You even start to replay all the embarrassing moments in your life until they make you want to cry and at times… die. It seems dramatic, trust me, I know. When you live a life of depression and anxiety, there is no telling what you will feel in the next day, hour, minute or even second. The feeling just happens even when you wish it wouldn’t.

Through that time, I found that my smile through the hardships was to please others. I craved making people happy. Their happiness made me happy. I also realized when I stopped smiling so much, I was much more sensitive to the curveball’s life had been throwing at me. So, I went back to smiling all the time even though I missed my family back home and was unhappy with myself. This honestly made me feel better though. Yes, it was mainly for the people around me, but it was also tricking my body into feeling happy as well. Weird, right? I’m not lying though. I genuinely felt better putting a fake smile on my face then I did when thinking too hard about life decisions and not smiling anymore.

Now, when someone ask me, “You are always so happy, do you ever stop smiling?”, I know exactly how to respond. “You should try it sometime. It makes you feel like a brand new you. A happier you. A key can open a door to your house, a car, a closet, a barn and so much more. It just makes sense that it could open your heart to happiness. AKA Positivity is Key!”

More coming!


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