Once you’re officially hired and under contract with VIPKid, here are the essential steps to get started:

Open Slots and Download the VIPKid App: Begin by logging into your account and downloading the VIPKid app on your phone or desktop. Then, hover your mouse over the “Class” tab and click on “Bookings” to access your class calendar.

Calendar Navigation: In the top right corner of your calendar, you’ll find several buttons. Starting from the left, there are arrows to navigate through your weekly calendar. Next is “Change Availability,” which allows you to adjust your teaching schedule. “Copy Last Week’s Slots” is a handy tool for those with consistent schedules. The two horizontal lines represent the sync calendar button, which we highly recommend using to prevent missing classes or bookings. Make sure to check your email for instructions on syncing your calendar.

Using “Short Noitce”: If you have available slots and want to maximize bookings, consider changing them to “Short Notice.” This feature is particularly useful when you know you’ll be free and want to fill your schedule.

New Teacher Tab: Explore the “New Teacher” tab, where you can learn about tokens, which can be used for various rewards and incentives. Tokens are an important aspect of your earnings and can be given to students as prizes.

Referral Program:

VIPKid offers opportunities to earn more money, including a referral program. You can earn incentives for referring others to become teachers, so start referring as soon as possible.

Community Tab:

Under the “Community Tab,” click on “Social Directory” to join groups that align with your interests or location. This is a great way to connect with fellow teachers. “Events” can also earn you tokens, so participate in various activities like game nights and tutorials.

Additional Resources:

Explore the “Blog” and “Hutong” sections for valuable information and tips on becoming a better teacher.

Classroom Setup: Prepare your teaching space by decorating it with bright colors, numbers, letters, and engaging props. Personalize your background with your name to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Engagement Tips: During classes, maintain a positive attitude, use a variety of props (especially for younger students), and be mindful of how often you repeat words and phrases. Keep students engaged by using words in different contexts.

In-Class Buttons: Familiarize yourself with the buttons in the classroom, including camera and microphone controls, as well as tools for giving high-fives and using online props.

Feedback and Communication: After classes, promptly provide feedback, as it’s essential for payment. Use the “Advice” feature for suggestions on improving the classroom. Stay connected with students through booking invitations, e-cards, and other communication options.

Certifications: Consider exploring the “Certification Center” under “Resources” to enhance your teaching skills and opportunities for higher pay.

Remember, this journey with VIPKid is about continuous learning and improvement. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and best of luck on your teaching adventure!