This is a short one. I don’t need to talk myself into feeling bad about this one because I have fixed the problem before and I WILL do it again!


Now I’m not talking about stress from work or life. It’s from movie or tv show stress. Like when the murderer is walking up the stairs SOOOO slow and you are just begging the person upstairs to just do anything but what they are doing!! That’s when I start biting my nails.


When I’m stuck inside my house due to a pandemic and have nothing else to do besides bite my nails like crazy.

So I have already fixed this problem. When I’m busy at work and living life to the fullest I don’t bite at all! Actually my nails never looked healthier when I was working on the ship.

I’m going to get right back to it though. You should too! Find whatever it is that makes you bite your nails and put an end to it! If you don’t bite your nails, no need to brag!

I hope y’all enjoyed my confession for the day!