50 Ideas To-Do When Quarantined

Here are a few ideas that you can take full advantage of while being inside. I am going to also do many, if not all, of these ideas and keep you all posted on how they turn-out! Please let me know what you are doing at home too! More suggestions will only help everyone and myself stay busy, instead of going insane. Continue practicing social distancing, washing your hands and sanitizing and stay safe ya’ll!

  1. Create a Scrapbook
    • Do one for friends, another for family and etc.
  2. Exercise, Meditate or Do Yoga
  3. Do a Puzzle
    • Challenge: Give yourself a time to finish it before.
  4. Become a Bartender for Your Family
    • Use the alcohol you have at home and Don’t over drink and please be safe!
  5. Train Dog to Do Something New
    • Record the process and the results for us to be entertained too!
  6. Eat Healthier
    • Get on an eating schedule. Don’t overeat during this time. It is very easy to eat when you are bored, but DON’T!
  7. Spa Day at Home
    • Do face mask, soaking your feet in hot water, hair mask, doing your nails, use a diffuser with essential oils, Body mask and etc.
  8. Watch Movies You’ve Never Seen
  9. Make a Blog
    • If you need any assistance, I can gladly help with this! Email me at: Cyrenasky5@gmail.com
  10. Make Video Tutorials
    • How to do makeup, how to braid, how to do whatever you do best!
  11. Clean the House/Room
  12. Learn How to Rap
    • Use Eminem as an inspiration!
  13. Play Board Games
  14. Adult Coloring Books
  15. Play Xbox
  16. Learn How to do Different Braids
    • Water braids, French braids, Fish Tail and etc.
  17. Learn How to Use Liquid Eyeliner
    • I don’t know how to use it so maybe this is a personal problem…
  18. Become a Social Media Influencer
  19. Learn a New Language
  20. Make a Dream Board
  21. Write Letters Instead of Texting
    • Those you don’t text often but think about texting, INSTEAD, write them a letter and update them with your life adventures and ask them to write you back informing you of their endeavors.
  22. Organize your Kitchen
  23. Clean Out Your Closet
  24. Bake but Try to Make it Healthier. (For Example, Keto Brownies)
    • Try to use ingredients that are in your home. If you must go outside, practice social distancing and sanitize everything you touch and before you touch.
  25. DIY
    • Use Pinterest to find some creative ideas for you to start crafting.
  26. Learn How to Edit Videos or Photos
    • I suggest using PremierPro, AVID Media Composer or Movie Maker for Videos and Photoshop and Lightroom Classic for Photos.
  27. Learn How to Cook Something Other Than That One Meal You Know How to Make.
    • Using only the ingredients you have at home!
  28. Wine Tasting with Cheese and Crackers.
    • Challenge: Use only the wine that is in your house!
  29. Start Financially Planning
  30. Make a Scavenger Hunt Indoors
  31. Make a Bucket List
  32. Start Using Bigger Words to Enhance Your Vocabulary
  33. Read Blogs/Magazines/Books
    • Reading other blogs can help you make your own better and maybe make some new friends. You also want to stay updated on the hottest trends other than the Corona Virus, so Magazines will help you with that. Books are a great way to enhance your vocabulary and knowledge and they are just incredibly interesting!
  34. Interview Each household Member About How They are Coping and Make a Montage From it.
    • I suggest using PremierPro, AVID Media Composer or Movie Maker for making Montages. If you need tips about how to make a Montage, email me at: Cyrenasky5@gmail.com
  35. Organize ALL Those Photos on Your Phone or Computer.
  36. Plan Your Outfits for When You Get to Go Out After All This.
    • I’m sure once this passes you are going to be out every night for a week! Make sure you are trendy and feeling your best when you do so.
  37. Create a Secret Air Shake. We Can’t Touch but That Makes it Even More Interesting.
    • This is similar to a handshake, but you can’t touch! That way we aren’t passing the Corona to one another. 😉
  38. Play 20 Questions
    • This can be a fun challenging game for your brain! Trust me your brain will be craving a challenge half-way through this isolation.
  39. Take a Personality Test
    • Here is an incredibly reliable website: myplan.com. I have even used this site myself and there is more than just personality test on here. Venture the website and what it has to offer.
  40. Cuddle Your Puppers and Share a Bowl of Ice-cream
  41. Play Golf Indoors
    • or Bowling or Any Other Sport You Can Manage to Do Indoors.
  42. Learn Tik Tok Dances
  43. Teach Yourself How to Play an Instrument You Have in The Back of Your Closet.
  44. Analyze Songs and Write About What You Think the Deeper Meaning is.
    • My favorite songs to analyze are Twenty One Pilot Songs because the lyrics in each song are so unique and affect each listener differently.
  45. Make an Appreciation Post for Someone Once A Day.
    • Everyone is struggling with the Quarantine and a few words could really make a difference in their day. Make other happy and I promise it will make you feel happy too.
  46. Rest Relax and Recuperate from Your Hectic Lives Before Isolation.
    • Don’t sleep too much though because this can cause you to become depressed and less motivated. You should not deprive yourself of sleeping though.
  47. Online Shop for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and any Friends Birthday’s Coming Up.
  48. Go re-live the Concerts You’ve Been to By Watching all Your Videos from it.
  49. Enhance Your Resume, Cover Letter and Any Other Document That Needs it.
    • If you need me to review it and give you suggestions, I would love to. I love editing Resume’s and Cover Letters. If you just don’t know where to start, email me and I can help with that too. My email is: Cyrenasky5@gmail.com
  50. Make a List of What You Are Doing During This Time.