This is my new blog series. I am SO excited about this series. This is all about distracting me from myself. I have a tendency of getting in my own way of success. My goal with this blog series is to make sure I don’t make life harder for myself. I need to stay focused, work hard but also realize I am still young and need to live while I can. You never know when it is your time. As Tim McGraw says, “Live Like You Were Dying”.

Max, if you are reading this, I KNOW YOU JUST STARTED SMILING AT THE SCREEN! (This is our car karaoke song!)

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy me talking about my life! I am a newly graduated student, soul searching, relationship searching and job searching. Theres a lot to relate to, here! You should at least give it a shot… Go on, just click a random date or start from the beginning. Whatever you are feeling!