I hate to break the news to you all but I am not as active as you think. Confession #1, I am lazy.

Yes, I work-out…well… I try.

When in High School, I was a cheerleader, high jumper, hurdler, softball player and played volleyball for fun occasionally. I was incredibly active and worked out literally EVERY day, even weekends. I didn’t need to workout at home.

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Once High School ended, I started college, had a job and continued playing volleyball for my church once a week. My parents encouraged me to go to the gym with them but that didn’t last long for me. It lasted longer for them than me but it even ended for them too.

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Then I went to University of South Florida my junior year. I joined a sorority, held leadership positions there, studied hard for school, had a job and even joined an honors society holding an executive position. Occasionally I’d go to the gym with the girls, but not very often. I tried working out with my best friend and that lasted all of 3 days.

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Now I am graduated and I am trying SOOOOO hard to stay committed to working out. Right now I have zero excuses as to why I am not. I have no job (Thanks to the Corona Virus), I have no commitments (Another thanks to the Corona) and have no events to be coordinating if attending (Social distancing, ya know). So, why won’t I work out? Because I am lazy and much rather sleep in til 12:30, sit with my coffee and Tik-Tok for 3 hours, work on a puzzle and watch TV all day. OH! Can’t forget food. I eat a lot of food.

Now you may be saying, CYRENA IT’S JUST WORKING OUT! That doesn’t determine your laziness. Well, listen my friends. Working out was just an example of something I can’t bring myself to do over sleeping and watching TV. I have cancelled plans to hang-out with friends and missed great events ALL because of LAZINESS.

Now I honestly feel a little better now that I have confessed all of this but something else would make me feel even greater! Fixing it. Maybe even boosting myself a little after all that self-shame.

I took steps last week to improve my energy. For example, instead of eating dinner and going straight to the couch, I do the dishes with my mom. Instead of watching TV all day, I work out while watching TV. Instead of avoiding conversations so I can sleep or be lazy, I’ve started conversations and forced myself to continue them. Laziness is a habit that I WILL beat.

Now to hype myself up! Although I am lazy, I am also proactive! How am I both? Good question. Have you ever taken a personality test and been conflicted with which answer is MORE you? Just depends on the day and how you feel. Same thing with my laziness. The more commitments I have, the more proactive I am. I become more energetic when I have more on my plate! So I am proud of those days! Let’s turn every day into one of those days!

Don’t feel alone. I beg of you! Laziness is something a lot of people (especially millennials but not just them) struggle with. We have too many items that encourage laziness without actually “encouraging” it. If you know what I mean (phones, television, computers, xbox, etc).

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Thank you for allowing me to confess one of my wrongdoings. I hope this shows you that you are not alone in this problem and with strength, which you all have, we can get through this!