Thoughts are something that happen at random. There is no rhyme but there is reason! I know that is not the saying but in this case I believe it is correct.

This series is solely based on the random ideas and thoughts that come to mind. It can be anywhere from a simple thought to fun tutorials!

Adventitious means, “according to chance rather than design or inherent nature.” I’ve decided on the title of this series because our thoughts and dreams come by chance. Yes thinking is absolutely a part of how our brains were designed but the ACTUAL thought itself appears unconsciously.

For example, when you are trying to sleep and you come up with a million thoughts and they won’t stop. Very similar to how this blog came about! Each of these thoughts that come to mind at night are unique. Yes, I’m sure you want to sleep but your brain is special and it’s there for a reason. I suggest when a good thought comes to mind, write it down! Remember, “There is no rhyme but there is a reason.”

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