Cruise To The Bahamas

My family and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas for my 21st and my little cousins 7th birthday.

It was with Royal Caribbean’s Mariner 3 Night Cruise. We got there very early on arrival day. Got to go to the pool, eat at a restaurant (complimentary for booking through AAA), drank a few fun drinks and went to the casino. I highly recommend getting on the boat as early as you can on arrival day. This way you can get as much as you can out of the cruise.

Day 2was at Nassau. We went to the shops for a few hours on a hunt for free charms and necklaces. Royal offers a cool scavenger hunt where you go to a bunch of jewelry stores and collect free charms to a bracelet and necklaces. It was very fun. After the shops, we went to Senior Frogs. That was an absolute BLAST! They give out free shots during games and have great food. The Conch Salad and Guacamole is made in front of you at your table and is SO good! It is a must have when you go. After we were finished on the island we went to the pool and had Formal Dinner. It was delicious!

Day 3, We went to CocoCay and had tickets to the water park on the island. You have to go to the water park. It is a MUST. It has the tallest water slide in North America, which is absolutely amazing! It is so fast and fun. There are so many slides at the park, wave pool, kids play area, adult play area and many snack and drink bars. Outside of the park is a pool bar, snorkeling area, zip-line and beach. The island is beautiful and an unforgettable sight.

Day 4 is leaving time. We woke up early (7am), got breakfast and then back home we went. That was a sad day, lol. I made a video of all the adventures I got to go on. Thank You Mom and Dad For Taking Me on This Amazing Cruise!

Click Here To Watch The Video!