Don’t Complain, Comply!

My tip for you to achieve happiness today is to appreciate the unexpected. I can almost guarantee that when you make plans, they will not turn out exactly as planned. The best you can do in a situation when something fails is find the best part of it and enjoy it. Most of the time it is not hard to find anyhow.

When you have set plans it is bound to not be perfect. Like I have mentioned in blogs before, perfection is nonexistent. This does not mean you are doomed! This just gives you a new opportunity to find happiness. When a plan fails, it is so easy to automatically get frustrated. I used to be the same way. I would get so angry when one tiny thing would go wrong. What I learned is usually what ends up “going wrong” is more fun than whatever it is you had planned in the first place. Well… at least like 80% of the time (that was just a random guess… not scientific).

Once I began to find the best part of every situation I noticed how much happier I was. I also noticed how much others do what I used to do. I was so miserable listening to people complain about everything going wrong. I kept asking myself, why can’t they just be happy. The answer is so simple… its easy to be unhappy and complain. It’s much harder to find something good in a bowl full of needles poking you every time you dig deeper. When you do find that happiness, it feels great!


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