FOCUS TV ~ Internship

I am so excited to introduce the work I produced, edited, filmed and featured in. I had the great opportunity of working at FOCUS Magazine as an MMJ (Multi-Media Journalist) to create an online video platform for their magazine. Two of my pieces were published and I received great feedback from.

I am working very hard in improving my editing skills as well as my on camera performance. I found out from this internship that being in front of a camera alone is completely different than having a ton of people staring as you speak to a camera. I learned that whether you are alone or people are staring, you should always be yourself. The more genuine you are on camera, the better you look and sound. Not only that, but you become a trust-worthy source for your audience. I also learned that by being myself on camera, people could tell how much fun I was having with my internship.

I am so excited to have taken my first few steps into my career field and can’t wait to dive-in deeper.

**I lost all my audio on this piece but managed to come out of the experience successful.**



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