Just Smile

Have you ever been out with your family and you run into someone neither you or your parents are a fan of? Your mom will nudge you and say, “Just smile.” In your head you think, Oh my gosh… I really hate these people…If they talk about their cat this whole time… I’m seriously gonna…”oooooh, so nice to see you”! Yeah…I’ve been there.

What if you were to treat every negative situation with that same attitude though? Now… I am not saying to go be fake to people! That is not what I am saying at all. I’m not even really talking about people you don’t like. That’s just a great example of when you have negative thoughts and turn it into a positive reaction. So, let’s put it into a scenario where you don’t make a positive reaction and how you can fix that.  You have a friend who loves to be negative about almost every single thing you do. Usually, you just nod your head and sometimes fall into that same habit. I have.

When I am out with a friend who is being negative ALL the time, I get bored and start to think the same way because…why not? I also begin to feel depressed. Then when I come to realize what they are doing to me, I overdramatize the situation and become even more upset. Im a dramatic person…no shame. What I started to notice, that person most likely did not realize what they were doing. Perhaps they have been negative their whole life or learned it from their parents. Maybe that friend is depressed. What you can’t do is let them affect you negatively. You need to be the light for that person. OR send them my way to read this blog! But if they don’t read this blog…there are more ways to solve this problem.

Let’s bring up that same scenario… What if that friend became negative and you responded with a smile and said, “You know, it’s not that bad.” Wouldn’t that just make you feel so much better. What if you smiled and said, “Maybe it’s not the best but let’s at least try to enjoy it.” Even that is better than continuing the negativity. It will fill you with instant hope and joy. Every situation, event and game can be turned into something you can enjoy and be happy about. It’s all about how you respond to it. Here are a few other ways you can respond:

It could be worse!

How can we make it better?

Actually (find one thing thats good about the situation) is pretty cool/fun/awesome.

Lets make it more fun by doing…

Crack a joke

Lets make the most out of (the situation or activity).

Just smile!

There are many other ways for you to turn the day/night around and stay positive. After using the sayings over and over again when the person is being negative, they might notice everything isn’t as bad as it seems. You might just open up that dark tunnel for them to see a magical rainbow when they walk out. They may even start mimicking your actions and words to others. It will become a chain reaction. Once you start being positive you will truly see a difference in the people around you. That is what we want to see in this world. We don’t want a negative chain, we want a smiling chain. Smiles can create great opportunities and change the world. Someone just needs to be the start to that change. Will it be you? I believe in you, so believe in yourself and be the change the world needs you to be.

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