Meet Ms. Sky

Is you are wondering about the name being Berry and the kids calling me Sky, here is the quick and not too personal story!

My biological fathers name is Berry. I was not raised by him. I was raised by another man, who I call my dad and my mother. My middle name is Sky, so that is what I go by. I am legally changing my name from Cyrena (first) Sky (middle) Berry (last) to Cyrena (first) Sky-O’Brien (last). Why so late in life you ask? Well, I care too much about other peoples feelings, so I finally gained the nerve to do what i have been wanting for SOOOO many years!

A lot of information for something so simple but I have been asked a lot of quesitons on this. I don’t want anyone thinking I am just making up a name to make things difficult. It genuinly makes me sad to be called Berry.

I am Ms. Sky

Thank you for your cooperation as I go through this process of chaning my name!