Positivity is Key

“Positivity is Key”, is a quote I made up when… well honestly… I don’t remember when. I believe I started saying it because people are constantly telling me, “You are always so happy” or “Do you ever stop smiling”. I had to come up with something to say back. So, I always say “positivity is key”. It is such a simple phrase but means so much.

In this video below I talk about what “Positivity is Key” means and what it has done for me in my life. Those words have led me down a great path. I am still learning how to better myself but this quote has definitely placed me in the right direction.

After watching this video, I hope that you decide to read the books I have recommended. They will change the way you look at life. They will encourage you that happiness is achievable .

If you haven’t already Karen Roe, “Self-Love” is a great book to read. It will help you get a better understanding of how self-love can help you become a positive person.

Self Love



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