Training Over!


I think it is about time for me to update you’ll! The last update I gave everyone was during my office training. I had an overall amazing training experience, met fascinating and inspiring people and even learned a lot about myself.

I posted a picture or two showing you the views I had the pleasure of seeing with brief descriptions, but I didn’t go into detail with my experience as a Cruise Director. So here it is,

My trainer’s name was Hannah. I had already been told how absolutely amazing she is at her job, so I had some high expectations. Her name is also my best friends name, so I already felt good things coming from this experience. They always say to trust your gut and they aren’t lying. I am incredibly lucky to have, had a training experience like this.

For my first week, Hannah had me watch her every move, ask her as many questions as I could think of and already had me working on the Ship To Shore (this is a document that every guest receives on a daily basis with the itinerary, highlights, weather and such).

By week 2, she had me completely step into the position as Cruise Director and take the reins. She was always there when I needed her and reminded me when I forgot things, but she never overstepped or made me feel incompetent. Hannah actually had this sincere, immense amount of confidence in both me and the Excursions Director that just made me, want to nail this job. I also… am a perfectionist when it comes to my job… AND I’m incredibly hard on myself when I mess up… but Hannah always made sure to let me know when I did good or needed to adjust the way I did something.

Not only was Hannah an incredible trainer but the team I worked with was phenomenal. They all worked well together, had the best sense of humor, had amazing personalities and always there to help each other. Like every team you have ups and downs but the way your work through them is how you know whether you are a great team or just an alright team. THIS was a great team! I hope to work with them all again in the future.

Although a majority of my days were wonderful days filled with exciting experiences there were some struggles, I experienced. Two days to be specific. This job does require a unique number of hours of work. The adjustment was not easy and took quite the hit on my body. I am a homebody too, so just like my first semester of college, it is not easy being away from home. I was beginning to get a little touchy to criticism and pretty emotional to sentimental and frustrating topics. Of course, I would never show emotion in front of strangers, but the second I would get a second to run to my room and cry… I took that moment and indulged. Hannah could totally tell something was wrong and on day two, she not only forced me to take a break (I was not taking breaks) and even told me to just get off the ship and walk around. During that walk I called my Grandma, cried, and then called my mom, cried some MORE. Like I said, I was pretty emotional!

Towards the end of my phone call with my mom, Hannah walked over to me and I introduced her to the Madre. Hannah took my phone and went on to express how proud she was of me and of all my hard work. I think she had my mom crying! It was in that moment I realized Hannah was not just a great trainer, she is a great friend and a genuine soul.

This has truly been an eye-opening experience for me. I learned how to be a bartender, handle stressful situations, how to entertain the older generations, what struggles older generations are going through, what the world has to offer, was introduced to the Mississippi River ( Just ask me in person about that one!) and so much more.

I am very lucky to have this job opportunity and I take complete pride in being a Cruise Director for American Cruise Lines.

Speaking of American Cruise Lines, I had an unexpected end to my training. I was supposed to head to The Queen of The Mississippi after my training, but I had a change in plans due to COVID-19. Although this is a terrifying situation and I am wishing everyone the best and hope you are staying indoors and safe, I am thankful to be home before going off to my own ship. I definitely and thankful to be getting some sleep, breathing a little bit more, take in everything I learned and see my parents. Like I am always saying, you have to look at the positives that come out of every situation in order to truly live a fulfilling, happy life. Yes, this virus is intimidating but it is also a great time to learn selflessness, learn about yourself, spend time with loved ones and take care of your health. So, take pride in the greatness coming out of this, be safe and stay inside away from the scariness out there!

Thank you everyone who has been messaging me and expressing their confidence and excitement for me through this process. You make a positive impact in my life and I can’t express my appreciation for you.

Stay tuned for more updates on life and what it has in store! Hopefully… some toilet paper… 😉