We Saved a Bunny

Serious question! Do you call them Bunnies or Rabbits?

I say bunny. My apologies if I’m offending you by not saying rabbit!!

Our neighborhood has hundreds of bunny’s. You don’t go a single day without seeing at least 2-5. They are just so cute and fluffy! Mocha, my dog, always tries to chase them and then comes to the realization that she’s on a leash and can’t get far. Also the Bunnies are a lot smarter than she is.

Not that my dog isn’t smart. She is the smartest, cutest, most beautiful doggie in the whole-wide-world! Can you tell that I love my dog A LOT? Because I do❤️

Well last Wednesday, my mom saw a baby bunny in our garage. We tried to find it after it ran to the other side of the garage but we couldn’t. We left the garage open for a while in hopes that it would run out and find it’s mama.

We didn’t see it again… until… yesterday!

My dad found it but he also scared the crap out of it. So it ran again. Not out of the garage though. My mom and I ended up getting the little girl out of the corner it was stuck in. We put her in a box with some grass, carrots and water. It was broad daylight, super sunny and the hawks were out. We didn’t want to toss it out to die so, we decided to wait till the evening to let it go.

We continued trying to feed it water and food. This poor thing has been in our garage for 5 days, it had to be starving. It would not eat. This bunny was skin and bones. I felt terrible.

Evening came. We tried to let it go but it would not jump out of my hand. I put it right near the grass by another bunny so it would have a friend to protect it! She would not move!! So then I picked it back up. I refused to let this bunny die. If it didn’t jump into the woods with its friend, a hawk would get it so quick! If not a hawk another predator.

So we took it back home and I named her Jupiter. I became a little attached very quickly to this bunny… oops.

We called the animal hospital and were in contact with them throughout the day. They suggested we drop her off at the hospital where they’d nourish the bunny. After making sure the bunny is alright and good to go back in the wild, they’d return it to the area where it was found.

I was SOOOO devastated after dropping Jupiter off. She was the most precious, tiny little bunny. She was brown with a light brown and white pepper tint. She was just perfect. I knew I couldn’t keep her but once I dropped her off I felt so sad. I wished I could’ve cared for her and made her feel better. I truly just wanted her to be my pet… I do know the animal hospital will do a great job with her and keep her alive though!!

Everyone keep Jupiter in your prayers and let’s hope she is doing alright❤️