What is Passion?

“There are two great days in a person’s life— the day we are born and the day we discover why” Says William Barclay, a Scottish theologian and author.

I read this quote from a book called, “The Passion Test” by Janet and Chris Attwood. I love how it compares your passion with you being born. The importance of you being born is something not many people except your mom, talk about. It is such a wonderful time for your whole family and for those who are soon to meet you in the future. You have a purpose in this world. That is why you are born, which is the second important day Barclay compares it to. The day you discover your passion is when you find out what your purpose is.

Passion has such a powerful meaning because it is all about your happiness. Once you find you passion you will find your happiness. In the book, “The Passion Test” it gives a simple way of figuring out what your true passion is. Some people may not know what that passion is, others may know it but don’t know how to achieve it. This book really dives deep into the meaning of passion and how it is achievable. I really suggest you read it to find out your passion so you can go out there and achieve it.

I interviewed a few people about their passion and here are their responses below:

What is Passion?

“Passion is something you are dedicated to. Something that always makes you happy. It’s something that gives you a feeling that is just different from anything else. It’s love. Your passion can change over the years of life. Someone you love. Something you love to do or just simply how passionate you are about whatever is your passion. ” ~Shane O’Brien

“Passion is loving something so great, you’d stop at nothing to achieve your goal.” ~Peyton Roux

“Doing everything I can to become an OB and to make sure my family is alright, is my passion. ” ~Chloe Soncrant

“Passion is anything that you care about deeply”. ~Andrew Fabacher

“Passion is drive, dedication, momentum and power. Without any of these elements, it is nothing. To have passion, you have to have the drive. The dedication to keep going. To see your momentum to the end, in which it is power.” ~ Tanner Crank

What is Your Passion and How Will you Achieve It?

“My first passion is always my significant other. Do whatever you can to take care of that person because a relationship is to love somebody. To dedicate your time and presence to that person. To show respect for what you love. Another passion of mine is baseball. Baseball is a different type of passion. It’s a passion that only some keep with them after being a kid. It’s still comes down to dedication and love though for the sport. If you didn’t think you were good at it you probably wouldn’t have a passion for it. My last passion is trucks. It’s just something about a custom truck driving down the road that gives me a feeling of happiness. It’s something I like to do because it keeps me out of trouble.  Everything you’re passionate about all comes down to love. Dedication and happiness and that’s how you achieve passion!” ~Shane O’Brien

“Books and getting people to recognize their importance is my passion. I want people to love books as much as I do. I plan on attending graduate school and possibly getting a PhD in English/Creative Writing. I want to learn as much as I can to be able to teach it back to people. I then plan on owning a publishing company and one day becoming a professor.” ~Peyton Roux

“My passion is video production. I love to make content of all kinds. Massive amounts of hard work is required to be successful in the video production industry. The key is to have the mindset of ‘there is no job too insignificant for you to do’. You have to start somewhere.” ~ Andrew Fabacher

“My passion is developing a better version of myself in music. To not only be the best in myself, but to go above what I think I can do and achieve what I think I can’t.” How can you achieve it? “By not stopping and only moving forward. Sure I’ll take some time to stop and smell the flowers, by I’ll always be going forward.” ~Tanner Crank

“I am working hard in school, volunteering, and shadowing a doctor who performs C-sections, and deliveries this summer.” ~Chloe Soncrant

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